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* Merge branch 'next'HEADmasterGravatar Peter Korsgaard38 hours207-7266/+4725
| * package/mksh: update to 59cnextGravatar Waldemar Brodkorb3 days2-3/+3
| * package/python-serial: bump to version 3.5Gravatar James Hilliard3 days2-5/+5
| * package/python-serial-asyncio: bump to version 0.5Gravatar James Hilliard3 days2-5/+5
| * package/python-aiohttp-jinja2: bump to version 1.4.2Gravatar James Hilliard3 days2-5/+5
| * package/makedumpfile: bump to version 1.6.8Gravatar Alexander Egorenkov3 days4-107/+3
| * package/rust: bump to version 1.48.0Gravatar Fabrice Fontaine3 days4-54/+54
| * package/ejabberd: bump version to 20.07Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days3-10/+10
| * package/erlang-p1-xmpp: bump version to 1.4.10Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days3-5/+5
| * package/erlang-p1-yaml: bump version to 1.0.28Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-p1-sip: bump version to 1.0.38Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days4-22/+34
| * package/erlang-p1-stun: bump version to 1.0.39Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-p1-stringprep: bump version to 1.0.23Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-5/+5
| * package/erlang-p1-pkix: bump version to 1.0.6Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-p1-oauth2: bump version to 0.6.7Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-p1-acme: bump version to 1.0.9Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days3-3/+29
| * package/erlang-p1-yconf: bump version to 1.0.8Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-p1-mqtree: bump version to 1.0.10Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-jiffy: bump version to 1.0.6Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-p1-xml: bump version to 1.1.44Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-p1-tls: bump version to 1.1.9Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-p1-zlib: bump version to 1.0.9Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-eimp: bump version to 1.0.17Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-p1-cache-tab: bump version to 1.0.25Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/erlang-p1-utils: bump version to 1.0.20Gravatar Johan Oudinet3 days2-3/+3
| * package/kmsxx: bump version to 5489056 and convert to meson buildGravatar Peter Seiderer3 days8-110/+172
| * package/kmsxx: fix build with gcc 10Gravatar Fabrice Fontaine3 days1-0/+25
| * package/fmt: bump version to 7.1.3Gravatar Peter Seiderer3 days2-2/+2
| * package/cups-filters: bump to version 1.28.4Gravatar Angelo Compagnucci3 days3-46/+3
| * package/linux-firmware: install Ath10k QCA9377 sdio firmwareGravatar Julien Olivain3 days1-1/+2
| * package/linux-firmware: bump version to 20201022Gravatar Julien Olivain3 days2-3/+3
| * package/linux-firmware: reformat hash file using the 2 spaces conventionGravatar Julien Olivain3 days1-34/+34
| * package/bind: fix license hashGravatar Fabrice Fontaine3 days1-1/+1
| * package/environment-setup: add better kernel handlingGravatar Angelo Compagnucci3 days2-0/+6
| * package/{mesa3d, mesa3d-headers}: bump version to 20.2.3Gravatar Bernd Kuhls3 days3-5/+5
| * package/libostree: bump to version 2020.8Gravatar Marcus Folkesson3 days2-2/+2
| * package/python-pydal: bump to version 20200910.1Gravatar Angelo Compagnucci3 days2-3/+3
| * package/python-can: bump to verison 3.3.4Gravatar Angelo Compagnucci3 days2-4/+4
| * package/lua-lyaml: bump to version 6.2.7Gravatar Francois Perrad7 days2-3/+3
| * package/libinput: bump version to 1.16.4Gravatar Peter Seiderer7 days2-6/+4
| * package/x11r7/xserver_xorg-xserver: drop obsolete patchGravatar Fabrice Fontaine7 days5-53/+0
| * package/lz4: bump version to 1.9.3Gravatar Norbert Lange7 days2-2/+2
| * package/linux-pam: bump to version 1.5.1Gravatar Fabrice Fontaine7 days4-369/+3
| * package/pkg-utils.mk: expose CPE ID in show-info when availableGravatar Thomas Petazzoni8 days1-0/+3
| * package/pkg-generic.mk: add CPE ID related package variablesGravatar Matt Weber8 days1-0/+70
| * package/axel: bump version to 2.17.10Gravatar Ismael Luceno12 days2-2/+2
| * package/jpeg-turbo: fix license hashGravatar Fabrice Fontaine12 days1-5/+5
| * package/abootimg: fix host buildGravatar Fabrice Fontaine12 days1-1/+1
| * package/abootimg: add host buildGravatar Mike Frampton2020-11-193-0/+19
| * package/qcom-db410c-firmware: new packageGravatar Mike Frampton2020-11-194-0/+52