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* board/technologic/ts5x00: rename to ts5500Gravatar Vivien Didelot2018-03-113-1/+1
* board/technologic/ts5x00: bump kernel to 4.14Gravatar Vivien Didelot2018-03-111-3/+1
* configs: add defconfig for TS-7680Gravatar Julien Grossholtz2017-08-242-0/+65
* boards: replace $HOST_DIR/usr/ with $HOST_DIR/ in scriptsGravatar Arnout Vandecappelle2017-07-052-2/+2
* configs: add defconfig for TS-4900Gravatar Mathieu Audat2016-09-183-0/+79
* configs: add defconfig for TS-4800Gravatar Patrick Keroulas2016-07-204-0/+109
* board: rename ts to technologicGravatar Damien Riegel2016-04-213-0/+174