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Update for 2018.05-rc32018.05-rc3
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+2018.05-rc3, Released May 28th, 2018
+ Fixes all over the tree.
+ Toolchain: ARC tools updated to arc-2018.03-rc2.
+ Fs: Ensure hard links in TARGET_DIR are correctly copied for
+ filesystem input. With the recent changes to the file system
+ generation logic, hard links were "expanded" in file system
+ images leading to bloated rootfs images for setups with hard
+ links.
+ Infrastructure: Error out for packages using the 'local'
+ method but forgetting to specify <pkg>_SITE.
+ Build rpcgen for the host when needed to support distributions
+ no longer shipping rpcgen with glibc (E.G. recent Fedora).
+ Updated/fixed packages: autofs, bash-completion, binutils,
+ busybox, cjson, elf2flt, libcoap, libcurl, libtirpc, lrzsz,
+ poppler, procps-ng, qt-webkit-kiosk, quota, samba4, xfsprogs
+ Issues resolved (http://bugs.uclibc.org):
+ #11031: ld-elf2flt: host/bin/ld.real': execvp: No such file..
+ #11036: C compiler cannot create executables
+ #11046: Git package binaries are ~180MB (compared to ~20MB in..
2018.05-rc2, Released May 22nd, 2018
Fixes all over the tree.