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CHANGES: update in preparation for 2018.05-rc1
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+2018.05-rc1, Released May 9th, 2018
+ Toolchain: glibc bumped to 2.27, musl bumped to 1.1.19,
+ uClibc-ng 1.0.30, Linux kernel headers bumped to 4.16.x.
+ Architecture: support for the Blackfin architecture has been
+ removed.
+ Numerous packages updated to have hashes for their license
+ files.
+ Systemd can now be built with uClibc toolchains.
+ Linux: addition of BR2_LINUX_KERNEL_NEEDS_HOST_LIBELF and
+ BR2_LINUX_KERNEL_NEEDS_HOST_OPENSSL to support building Linux
+ kernel configurations that need libelf on the host or openssl
+ on the host.
+ Coding style:
+ - all Python scripts are now verified with flake8
+ - check-package extended to check all Config.in and .mk files
+ in tree, not only the ones in package/
+ Infrastructure:
+ - The download infrastructure has seen a major overhaul, with
+ the main visible new feature being Git caching: a package
+ fetched from Git no longer needs to be re-cloned entirely
+ everytime its version is changed. Anoter visible change is
+ that the download folder now has subfolders per package. See
+ http://lists.busybox.net/pipermail/buildroot/2018-April/217923.html
+ for more details about those changes.
+ - The logic that generates the root filesystem images has been
+ reworked, with the main goal of allowing several filesystem
+ images to be produced in parallel, also a requirement for
+ top-level parallel build. Now, a .tar filesystem image is
+ always created, and re-extracted in a private directory to
+ create each format-specific filesystem image.
+ - A new package infrastructure was introduced for Go-based
+ packages: golang-package.
+ - Dependencies on extraction tools are now handled as proper
+ per-package dependencies, using
+ <pkg>_EXTRACT_DEPENDENCIES. Beyond a cleanup, this is also a
+ preparation step for top-level parallel build support.
+ - When a file being downloaded is part of a package with a
+ .hash file, but there is no hash listed for this file, the
+ file is now preserved in the download directory rather than
+ removed. This helps when updating a package, as it gives the
+ ability to easily calculate the hash of the file.
+ - Addition of '<pkg>-show-recursive-depends' and
+ '<pkg>-show-recursive-rdepends' make targets, to
+ respectively display the recursive list of dependencies and
+ the recursive list of reverse dependencies of a given
+ package.
+ - The /etc/shells file is now automatically generated with the
+ list of shell programs installed on the system.
+ - Addition of -Ofast optimization level as an available
+ option.
+ Major updates: Go updated to 1.10, Erlang bumped to 20.3, Qt5
+ bumped to 5.10.1.
+ New packages: 18xx-ti-utils, abootimg, bluez-alsa, brotli,
+ chipmunk, clang, docker-compose, docker-proxy, flare-engine,
+ flare-game, gst1-interpipe, gstreamer1-editing-services,
+ hackrf, i2pd, imx-alsa-plugins, imx-mkimage, libcdio-paranoia,
+ libkrb5, llvm, pixiewps, python-backports-ssl-match-hostname,
+ python-cached-property, python-cython, python-docker,
+ python-dockerpty, python-docker-pycreds,
+ python-flask-sqlalchemy, python-functools32, python-influxdb,
+ python-json-models, python-libusb1, python-networkx,
+ python-psycopg2, python-pymodbus, python-sqlalchemy,
+ python-subprocess32, python-texttable,
+ python-websocket-client, python-yieldfrom, quotatool, reaver,
+ snort, sunxi-mali-mainline, sunxi-mali-mainline-driver, tk,
+ tpm2-abrmd, tpm2-tools, tpm2-tss, udftools, vte, woff2.
+ New defconfigs: ARC HS Development Kit, Arcturus ucls1012a,
+ Freescale i.MX6UL EVK (with vendor kernel), Freescale i.MX6
+ SoloLite EVK (with vendor kernel), Freescale i.MX31 3Stack,
+ Freescale i.MX8Q EVK Freescale p1025twr, Freescale t1040d4rdb,
+ Qemu PPC64 E5500, SolidRun ClearFog Base, Tinker RK3288, Vyasa
+ RK3288,
+ Removed packages: iqvlinux, kodi-adsp-*, mplayer
+ Removed defconfigs: ci40, firefly_rk3288,
+ freescale_p1010rdb_pa, freescale_mpc8315erdb, riotboard,
+ teliv_evk_pro3
2018.02.1, Released April 9th, 2018
Important / security related fixes.