BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2012.11.xUpdate for 2012.11.1Peter Korsgaard5 years
2013.08.xMakefile: release: create tarball from current branch, not masterPeter Korsgaard4 years
2015.08.xUpdate for 2015.08.1Peter Korsgaard23 months
2015.11.xUpdate for 2015.11.1Peter Korsgaard20 months
2016.08.xUpdate for 2016.08.1Peter Korsgaard11 months
2016.11.xUpdate for 2016.11.3Peter Korsgaard5 months
2017.02.xUpdate for 2017.02.5Peter Korsgaard3 weeks
2017.05.xUpdate for 2017.05.2Peter Korsgaard3 weeks
masterpackage/openocd: add license infosBernd Kuhls13 hours
nextconfigs: Add support for imx7dpico boardVanessa Maegima3 days
2017.08-rc2buildroot-2017.08-rc2.tar.gz  buildroot-2017.08-rc2.tar.bz2  Thomas Petazzoni6 days
2017.08-rc1buildroot-2017.08-rc1.tar.gz  buildroot-2017.08-rc1.tar.bz2  Thomas Petazzoni2 weeks
2017.05.2buildroot-2017.05.2.tar.gz  buildroot-2017.05.2.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard3 weeks
2017.02.5buildroot-2017.02.5.tar.gz  buildroot-2017.02.5.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard3 weeks
2017.05.1buildroot-2017.05.1.tar.gz  buildroot-2017.05.1.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard6 weeks
2017.02.4buildroot-2017.02.4.tar.gz  buildroot-2017.02.4.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard6 weeks
2017.02.3buildroot-2017.02.3.tar.gz  buildroot-2017.02.3.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard3 months
2017.05buildroot-2017.05.tar.gz  buildroot-2017.05.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard3 months
2017.05-rc3buildroot-2017.05-rc3.tar.gz  buildroot-2017.05-rc3.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard3 months
2017.05-rc2buildroot-2017.05-rc2.tar.gz  buildroot-2017.05-rc2.tar.bz2  Peter Korsgaard3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
13 hourspackage/openocd: add license infosHEADmasterBernd Kuhls
13 hourspackage/openocd: fix uclinux buildBernd Kuhls
13 hourspackage/librsync: fix build error with gcc7Bernd Kuhls
13 hoursconfigs/toradex_apalis_imx6: bump to U-Boot 2016.11 and kernel 4.1.41Sergio Prado
24 hoursfaad2: fix build with musl libcBaruch Siach
24 hoursgst1-validate: disable building documentation using sphinxPeter Seiderer
24 hourspackage/gcc: remove legacy leftover for PR60102Yann E. MORIN
24 hourspackage/mesa3d: vc4 backend is an EGL providerYann E. MORIN
24 hourslibepoxy: add patch to fix segfaults when using in X11 without GLXAdrián Pérez de Castro
24 hourswhois: use github repo as home pageBaruch Siach