BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterutils/mail: increase width of arch column in daily reportThomas Petazzoni6 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysutils/mail: increase width of arch column in daily reportHEADmasterThomas Petazzoni
7 daysautobuild-run: fix python-nfc checkThomas Petazzoni
9 daysautobuild-run: SystemInfo: fix s/java/javac/ typoPeter Korsgaard
9 daysautobuild-run: also check for timeoutPeter Korsgaard
9 daysautobuild-run: check for curl if sending resultsRichard Braun
9 daysautobuild-run: introduce SystemInfo class and use it to disable packages need...Peter Korsgaard
13 daysUpdate Buildroot external toolchain configurationsThomas Petazzoni
2014-08-30Add another exception for PR58854Thomas Petazzoni
2014-08-30Add exception for Python3 on MIPS64 Crosstool-NG toolchainThomas Petazzoni
2014-08-29import: check for memory allocation issuesThomas Petazzoni