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masterAllow filtering by reasonThomas Petazzoni2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-02-06Allow filtering by reasonHEADmasterThomas Petazzoni
2013-10-30Handle arch with _ in their namesThomas Petazzoni
2013-10-30Add a link to per-architecture filteringThomas Petazzoni
2013-10-30Allow filtering by architectureThomas Petazzoni
2013-09-08Show 180 days of build results history in the graphThomas Petazzoni
2013-08-28graph: show percentage instead of absolute valuesThomas De Schampheleire
2013-06-16mail: add support for --to, --arch and --cc optionsThomas Petazzoni
2013-05-14mail: Use the timeouts variable... for timeoutsThomas Petazzoni
2013-05-13Fix the RSS generationThomas Petazzoni
2013-05-13Remove unused functionThomas Petazzoni